Roman LEVSHA is an expert in beauty industry professionals' workspace optimization
Creator of LEVSHAssistant brand

Designer of assistants based on magnetic technology

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How an ergonomic work space helps beauty professionals reach a new level.
Beauty professional's work space from A to Z.
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How a hairdresser's comfortable work space affects clients and beauty salon's revenue.
Hairdressers' evolution. Global trends.
LEVSHAssistant is conquering the global market. Key success factors.
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Roman LEVSHA discovered a new view on hairdressers' work space and created a comprehensive solution for industry professionals. He combined ergonomics, style, and quality, turning them into an efficient and modern work space.
Roman LEVSHA set a new industry trend by creating 'assistants' - equipment that can, thanks to its functions, replace human assistants to hairdressers.
Before LEVSHAssistant professionals worked with trolleys and tint bowls that usually came as a bonus with hair dye and other supplies.
Today almost every hairdresser is dreaming of working with a stylish table and magnetic mixing bowls, as well as other LEVSHAssistant gadgets.
Roman's mission – boost beauty professionals' prestige around the world. and reate equipment that makes professionals' job easier and more comfortable.
Roman LEVSHA story
The magic of transformation.
How Roman became a hairdresser
When Roman was 14 years old, his mum started working as a hairdresser. One day Roman came to his mum's work place after school and saw a client who was there for a coloring and a haircut. It was an ordinary woman with a sad look on her face. But less than two hours later Roman saw the same woman happy, radiant and very beautiful. He was impressed how in such a short time a person could transform like that. It seemed to be true magic. From that moment on Roman became interested in the art of hairdressing.

He would run to the salon after school to experience the magic of transformation. He helped his mum, cleaning the space and learning how to cut hair, practicing on his classmates' bangs.

Throughout his childhood Roman was very creative: he drew on fabric, made clothes, painted, graduated from a music school where he played the guitar, and was part of a break dance group.

After graduation from school Roman was thinking

where to go next. Once he saw a stylish ad for a hairdressers' training. The phrase "for creative and ambitious" went straight to his heart, and it was then and there when he decided to become a hairdresser.

In a year Roman was learning the ropes of hairdressing at the academy from that ad. He was so absorbed by the process that he practically lived at the academy. Until dawn, he assisted to the teachers, and in the morning would be the first to come for "magic and alchemistry" skills that help transform people instantaneously.

During his time at the academy Roman made lots of new acquaintances, including celebrities.
Hairdresser and hair stylist career. LEVSHA
After graduation Roman came to a beauty salon. A young and charming hairdresser had quickly accumulated his own client base, constantly learning, upgrading his skills and studying complicated hair-dying and cutting techniques.

Six months later Roman started to receive invitations to take part in shoots with celebrities as a hair stylist. Some famous people in time became his regular clients.

In 2014, Roman created an account on one popular social network and started to work under LEVSHA ("left-handed") nickname. Roman was born left-handed, which helped him develop his unique view on things.
Work space optimization. First designs
Roman's life had become very hectic: he had appointments for months ahead and was working about 12 hours per day. At the same time, his family was expanding - they were expecting a second child.

Roman wanted to spend more time with his nearest and dearest and started thinking about workload optimization. How to spend less time working and not lose your clients?

During his work some time went into mixing the hair dye. The bowl had to be fixed somehow, but the limited trolley surface didn't allow to keep everything he needed close by. Hairs got stuck in the wheels and stopped them from rolling, while professional cosmetics bottles were too large. To get oxidant it was necessary to shake them.

The first thing Roman did was to change the bottle caps: now the bottles were upside down, and to get the oxidant you just needed to squeeze a little. Then, Roman started to think how to keep the bowl from moving while you mix the dye.

Creativity couldn't be stopped. Roman was very excited about his work space optimization. He used Plasticine, cardboard, taps, construction glue etc.

All his creations made the work process easier, and the same procedures started taking less time.
Creating LEVSHAssistant brand
In 2018, Roman attended a master class of one famous colorist. He saw that the hairdresser was distracted by the constantly moving bowl and volunteered to act as an assistant. While on that stage he made a decision to launch magnetic mixing bowls and tables production. He also came up with a name for them - 'assistants', and called his brand LEVSHAssistant.

In 2018, he started working on technological documentation for production and patents and designed additional assistants.

In 2019, the first batch was ordered at high-tech Chinese factories.
Conquering the global market and further inventions
On Jan 1 2020 the official LEVSHAssistant social media page was launched. The first batch was produced at the beginning of 2020.

The Internet has allowed the brand to enter foreign markets immediately. Hairdressers from Europe, the USA and other countries got interested in the assistants.

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